Occupied Properties

When our business began in 2004, we worked exclusively on vacant properties. As our business grew, we gradually added services so that we now offer a significant range of work – painting and stainingdrywall repaircarpet cleaning or installationvinyl flooringrefinishing or installing hardwood flooringtiling floors and walls, and repairing or cleaning almost anything.

We also broadened our scope to include occupied homes. Yes! That means that Vacant Interiors is happy to work in your occupied or furnished home – or that of your tenants and clients. Our painters, carpet installers, handymen, etc. are all adept at working in furnished properties. We know that each of these properties is someone’s home or place of work, and as such, it is important that all our employees appreciate the high standards expected of them with regards to courtesy and respect.

Vacant Interiors’ employees will always:

  • maintain a clean and tidy environment
  • reduce possible nuisance and inconvenience
  • provide visible means of personal identification
  • use residents’ equipment or services (i.e., electricity, power, etc.) only when absolutely necessary and after obtaining permission
  • communicate with residents to keep them updated on progress/delays in the work

Our employees will always treat your home with great care!

Of course, in an occupied home, it is preferable to meet the occupants during the estimate so we can optimize our interactions with them. We want them to be comfortable and we also want our workers to be able to do what they need to do properly and efficiently. Some times there are simple things the residents can do that can help keep costs down. As always, preparation and good communications make everything go smoothly. After all, it’s an exciting experience to have improvements done to your home or work place!