About Vacant Interiors

Vacant Interiors provides great service at a competitive price. Our incentive payment system steers our business towards great employees and high quality results, while keeping prices low. We cut out middlemen by using an employee-based model for most work, rather than sub-contracting.  Each of our employees is an expert in his or her respective trade. For example, our painters are full-time, experienced professional painters, our carpet installers are full-time professional carpet installers, etc. Not only that, but our business structure ensures that our employees all have a sense of commitment and ownership that shows in the final product.

We are trustworthy and honest. We will write a bid customized to your requests. We will break out any items (and their costs) as per your needs, giving you the option to pick and choose the work you want to do so you can work within your budget.

We do not ask for deposits (except for jobs over $5000, or sometimes for special order materials), and we stand by our workmanship. We want our clients to be repeat clients and to refer friends and neighbors. Over 95% of our jobs come from repeat and referral clients.

Our business runs open books, meaning any employee can see how the business is doing and how much anyone makes. Because we are honest and fair with our employees, we have very low turnover. Many of the people who started with us are still here.

Steve Pisano, our President, established Vacant Interiors in 2004. Steve still works in and on the business full time.

Vacant Interiors’ Teams

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