Drywall Repair – Denver

Since World War II, drywall (also known as wallboard or gypsum board) is the material most commonly used for interior walls. However, drywall is somewhat fragile and can withstand only limited abuse. For example, a door that’s flung open against a wall that has no doorstop will probably leave a big dent. Almost every building needs drywall installation or repair at one time or another and if it’s done badly, it can be an ugly mess.

Vacant Interiors experts will professionally install or repair your drywall with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We know about:

  • What the best tools and materials are for your specific job
  • Building codes
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Effects the environment and climate conditions might have during installation

Once of the biggest things that differentiates a professional job from a do-it-yourself job is in the area of matching textures. Nothing looks worse than a big mass of smears in the middle of a delicately textured wall. Vacant Interiors’ drywallers are very proficient with knockdown texture, orange peel texture, brush texture, and trowel texture. From small holes to entire sheets, Vacant Interiors can accommodate all your drywall and texture needs.

Sometimes there are special situations that call for unique solutions. For example, texture repairs are often needed after wallpaper or popcorn ceiling removal. Our crews can skim coat and match almost any texture perfectly.

We have workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance, and are happy to visit your home or business for a free estimate.