Lead Remediation – Denver, Colorado

Vacant Interiors is EPA-certified for Lead Remediation. Below are some basic rules that are applicable at the time of this writing. (Please note that there are nuances and constant changes regarding these laws. Vacant Interiors cannot be held accountable if there is inaccurate information listed below.)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Lead Safe – RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) requirements apply to your project if:

  • Your building was built before 1978.
  • Your project entails scraping or sanding more than 20 square feet exterior paint (a lead test is required).
  • Your project entails scraping or sanding more than 6 square feet interior paint (a lead test on the applicable room is required).
  • A window is removed (a lead test is required).

These rules apply only to work done for compensation (unless it is a HUD property). Therefore, if a homeowner wants to remove contaminated paint, these EPA rules do not apply.

Rules for HUD properties are stricter, so please call us regarding HUD Homes.

The majority of testing for paint jobs shows that lead is not present. Most homes have been painted many times since lead was sometimes an ingredient (over 30 years ago). If a lead test is positive, we anticipate additional costs of approximately 30% for affected areas (very rough approximation).

The primary worries are that:

  • Sanding creates lots of dust that can be inhaled.
  • Scraping – kids could eat the paint chips if things are not properly managed.

For more information, call Vacant Interiors at 303-472-8026 or the EPA at 800-424-LEAD. You can also go to www.epa.gov/lead