Denver Carpet Installation

Denver Carpet Installation Vacant Interiors' business model minimizes overhead costs and passes the savings on to you, the customer. One of the ways in which we do this is in purchasing and installing carpets. Companies that only sell carpet must cover all their overhead and make all their profit on their carpet sales. We have numerous services so we can often offset costs for you.

Vacant Interiors has accounts with Shaw, Mohawk, and Beaulieu, all five-star-rated carpet manufacturers. We do not use gimmicks or sales tricks to sell our services, nor do we charge for estimates or bother you with pushy sales calls or emails. Our estimates always show the exact price of the final service without hidden charges. We are confident that you will be pleased with the value we offer.

Denver Carpet Installation Some companies advertise "free carpet installation" or "deep discount carpets." Of course they are not doing work for free, or even below cost. They are simply marking up the other items on the bid (like pad, carpet, removal, disposal, etc.) to cover the cost of the "free" stuff. In fact, the total cost of one companies "discounted" job may very well be more than the normal price from another company.

When comparing carpet estimates, be sure to have complete totals to compare. Do not trust square foot and square yard pricing labels on carpet samples. They can be manipulated to give whatever final price the company wants to give. You must see the total bill you are going to pay, including carpet, pad, installation, taxes, removal, disposal, seaming, tack strip, stairs, furniture, etc. You must also get comparisons of carpet and pad that are the same from bid to bid. This can be difficult, as some companies put private labels on their carpets, which makes it hard to compare prices.

Vacant Interiors gives you the entire spec sheet on any carpet and honestly evaluates your bids for you. If we are priced higher than a competitor's bid, we tell you. We want your referrals and future business more than we want any particular sale.

Vacant Interiors uses full time employees to install carpet. We don't know of another carpet company that does this. This helps us maintain consistent high quality and exceptional service, while properly protecting the people who do the work. Vacant Interiors offers quality, value, honesty, and integrity with every estimate and every job.